Discover how Equinest's expert trainers use they're worldwide reach for your perfect horse.

Our mediation program is well proven in the equestrian world. With partners on multiple continents we can always find the perfect horse for different markets and parties.
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Your partner in Mediation

At Equinest, we have a extensive global network which we worked with for decades. We are constantly scouting for talented horses in Europe.
Our mediation service is all about trust and understanding our clients needs. Our experts help with everything, from finding good matches to making sure everyone agrees on the deal.

The process

1. Client Consultation
2. Extensive Network Outreach
Reaching out to our partners
3. Facilitating the Perfect Match
We have proven our method
At Equinest, our mediation service is dedicated to understanding the distinct needs of both buyers and sellers.
In our mediation service, our experienced mediators conduct comprehensive consultations, considering the unique requirements of both buyers and sellers. With this valuable insight, we facilitate tailored matches, ensuring seamless negotiations and successful partnerships. Our dedicated approach maximizes satisfaction and fosters harmonious connections within the equestrian community.
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A Testament to excellence 

Selling in China

`I’ve been a very important distributor of Equinest in China since 2017. They are absolutely wonderful trustworthy trainers and business partners to me. With their immense knowledge and experience of horses, we have made good solid business in China`
Yi Zhang
Distributor China

Business in Erp

“I have been fortunate enough to have spent time training and doing business in Erp with Sjef and Inigo. It is always a very positive and motivating environment for both the horse and rider. Top class facilities and master trainers and coaches. “
Chris von Martels
Olympic rider

Training with champions

I'm incredibly fortunate to train with Sjef Janssen and Olympic Champion Anky Van Grunsven. They've trained multiple Olympic Champions and generously share their extensive knowledge. Their Erp training center is one of its kind and its run great.
Ashley Holzer
Olympic bronze medallist

A Vital Business Partner

"For many years, Equinest has been a great partner to us in the horse world. They know a lot and help us do well with our horses. They're a big part of our operation here at the Anky Education Centre."
Anky van Grunsven
3x Olympic Champion